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NorCo Rush is excited to announce its new partnership with PlayMetrics. This partnership will become fully integrated into our club operations as team offers go out for the 2022/23 season. PlayMetrics will provide all players, parents, coaches, and staff members unique access to this all-in-one club management software that is purpose-built for youth soccer organizations. PlayMetrics unifies communication, registration, session planning, coach oversight, player development, and club operations into one easy-to-manage hub. Together, we are embarking on a new era in which we will infuse this technology to take our club to the next level (two apps into one . . . no more Gotsport or Teamsnap).  

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Membership BenefitsPlayMetrics offers many advantages, but most importantly, the Club Operating System delivers a single experience for member families, eliminating the need for you to download, learn, and maintain multiple apps to manage your relationship with the club. Here is a just an example of what you can do in PlayMetrics as a family member:

  • Access PlayMetrics on desktop, tablet, or through free mobile apps
  • View club and team calendars (practices, games, special events) and sync to your personal calendar
  • Register your player for club events and programs
  • Manage your player’s profile, including basic information and profile photo
  • Add and edit additional contacts for your player, including email addresses and phone numbers
  • Send and receive emails, texts, push notifications, and chats with other club members
  • Fill out and access club forms, such as waivers and player evaluations
  • See game scores and team records
  • View club and team resources, such as videos, documents, and website links
  • Manage payments to the club

For club leadership and staff, PlayMetrics offers us the ability to work together more seamlessly, share information faster, instill and oversee training guidelines better, and to automate formerly time-consuming tasks. This allows us even more time and energy to focus on developing our players and coaches.

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Our Mission

NorCO Rush strives to promote the game of soccer through education and training in developmental and competitive programs. We commit to being positive role models who value honesty, integrity, and fair play. Partnering the ideals of sportsmanship, community service, and teamwork, we provide an environment to foster a passion for the game of soccer.

Our Philosophy

NorCo Rush stands for excellence, passion, desire, commitment and respect. We commit to: 1) developing player character, discipline, dedication, respect, and talent on and off the soccer field; 2) providing the opportunity for all players, regardless of ability, to attain their highest potential, education and training for players, parents, and coaches, a healthy, safe, and enjoyable soccer experience for all participants; and 3) encouraging goodwill and unity throughout the soccer community.

Why Join Rush?

Over the past several years, Rush has become recognized as one of the premier youth soccer organizations in the nation.  The club’s competitive programs consist of the Advanced and Academy branches and service more than 1,400 participants.  Since 1998, Rush competitive teams have won an unprecedented 12 United States Youth Soccer National Championships, one US Club Soccer National Championship and in 2012 the club won their first Elite Clubs National League Championship. 

Rush competitive teams compete locally in leagues organized by the Colorado State Youth Soccer Association. The club also participates in the US Soccer Development Academy and Elite Clubs National League at the youth level. 

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